Data Citations

Amazonian Precipitation:

Dunne, Thomas, dnaee plus other data compiled through the EOS Amazon Project
     from Dr. Thomas Dunne at UCSB.

GHCN Version 1:  Timeseries for Climatic Variables

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     Historical Climatology Network: long-term monthly temperature,
     precipitation, sea level pressure, and station pressure data.
     ORNL/CDIAC-53, NDP-041. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center,
     Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

GHCN Version 2:  Timeseries for Climatic Variables

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Legates & Willmott:  Climatology Fields

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River Networks:

Vörösmarty,  C.J. Fekete, B.M., Maybeck, M., Global Simulated 30 Minute
     Topological Network, Complex Systems Research Center, University of 
     New Hampshire, WWW-site at the University of New Hampshire 
     (  Collaborative effort among the 
     University of New Hampshire, UNESCO International Hydrological Programme, 
     IGBP Core Project: Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle. Funding 
     provided by UNESCO, US Committee on Scientific Hydrology, NASA, University 
     of New Hampshire, 1998.

UNESCO Discharge Records:

Vörösmarty, C.J., B. Fekete, and B.A. Tucker.  1998.  River Discharge
Database, Version 1.1 (RivDIS v1.0 supplement).  Available through the
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space / University of New
Hampshire, Durham NH (USA) at

Vörösmarty, C.J., B. Fekete, and B.A. Tucker.  1996.  River Discharge
Database, Version 1.0 (RivDIS v1.0), Volumes 0 through 6.  A contribution
to IHP-V Theme 1.  Technical Documents in Hydrology Series.  UNESCO, Paris.

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